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Buy It! Pro is also available for OEM licensing and other types of partnerships. Any interested software companies and/or registration services can contact iYaron Software at

Put yourself in the position of a potential registrant of one of your products. You really like the product, but you are not quite sure that you want pay the money it costs to register. You decide to register because you like the program so much and you want to support the developer. But when you try to register, you are greeted with a cryptic registration application that offers you no assistance and very few options. All of a sudden, registration doesn’t sound so appealing.

This is a terrible situation for any developer. You created a fantastic product that users want to register or buy, but they end up not doing so because the registration and/or purchase process was too complicated! Buy It! Pro solves this problem in a jiffy. All you need to do is enter a few settings in the Buy It! Setup Assistant, and it will automatically configure the Buy It! Registration Client, an innovative, extremely easy-to-use registration application, for your product. After the client is configured, you can include it with your product, thus providing registrants with an extremely easy way to register! Because the registration process is easier, many users of your product who thought about registering, but did not because the process was too complicated, will now have no reason not to register... And in the end, that means more money for you!

Buy It! Pro offers many advanced setup and configuration options. It supports Internet, postal mail, phone, and fax payment methods. You can pick and choose which of the payment methods that you wish to allow your registrants to use. You may also pick and choose which of the four built-in payment structures you wish to use. Some additional features of Buy It! Pro include:

- Extremely low priced. Buy It! Pro both includes more features and is much lower priced that its competitors. It is two-thrids the cost of its nearest competitor!
- The Buy It! Registration Client is extremely easy to use, making the process of registering your product much, much simpler.
- Complete customizability. Every option in the Buy It! Registration Client is FULLY customizable from the Buy It! Setup Assistant
- Complete Internet Integration. The Buy It! Pro package is fully integrated with the Internet and offers multiple URL and security settings.
- Complete support for online registration services such as Kagi, MacShrine, Digital River, and I-Bill
- Targeted at both shareware and commercial developers. Both shareware and commerical developers can benefit from the massive array of features and the extreme simplicity of the Buy It! Pro package.
- Auto-adjusting user interface. The Buy It! Registration Client does not display any additional options that you have not chosen to include. The windows and the rest of the interface adjusts to your settings.
- Automatic form generation. If the registrant opts to use postal mail or fax to register, The Buy It! Registration Client asks the registrant for all the necessary information and generates a form that the registrant simply needs to mail or fax in.
- Minimal System Requirements. The Buy It! Registration Client only requires Mac OS 7.5 or newer and a 68020 processor better! Any user of your product that has a computer that meets or exceeds these requirements will be able to register your product! That’s a lot of users!
- Built-In Printing and Saving. The Buy It! Registration Client can print or save the forms that it generates with the press of a button. This allows your registrants to choose between printing immediately or saving the form onto their disk and printing later.
- Entirely mobile. All the Buy It! Registration Client needs to run is itself. No additional text files, preference files, etc. are needed.
- Privacy and data gathering controls. The Buy It! Setup Application allows developers to select what and how much personal data that they want to gather from the registrant. If developers only want the postal address of the registrant, they can configure the Buy It! Registration Client to only require the postal address. If developers want the postal address, email address, and phone number of the registrant, they can configure the Buy It! Registration Client to require all of this information.
- Detailed online help. The Buy It! Setup Assistant features detailed online help. Simply press the "Help" button in any window, and you will instantly be presented with detailed help has information about every option in the window.
- Offers three different pricing structures for the purchasing of multiple licenses. Buy It! Pro sports support for Multiple Licensing, Site/World Licensing, and Subscription Licensing. Multiple Licensing allows developers to give discounts to registrants who buy a large quantity of licenses. Site/World Licensing allows developers to let registrants purchase a license in a "site" or "worldwide" bundle. Finally, Subscription Licensing allows developers to use Buy It! Pro with software that requires subscription pricing. Again, the developer is able to choose which of these pricing structures he or she wants to include. In addition, developers are able to choose to use a built-in set of descriptions for these pricing structures, or to create their own.
- Includes support for upgrade pricing. Developers are able to give discounts to registrants who already own a copy of the product that they are registering. Developers can choose whether or not to require proof-of-ownership from the registrant before the registrant can access upgrade pricing
- Very small size. Weighing in at under 370k (stuffed), the Buy It! Registration Client will have little to no effect on download times.
- Streamlined, easy-to-use user interface. The Buy It! Pro package contains a streamlined user interface that spans across all the applications that are included in the package.
- Support for credit card, cash, money order, and personal check payments. Supported credit cards include Discover, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Diner’s Club
- Integrated tax functions. Buy It! Pro automatically calculates sales tax (if applicable) and adds it to the final registration price.
- Non-US Currency options. The Buy It! Setup Assistant allows developers to let registrants know whether or not they support non-US currencies
- Unlimited options! If you or your company has developed a product that can be purchased, Buy It! Pro is for you. Buy It! Pro is so customizable that it can be used for nearly any purchasing or registration purpose.
- Much, much more!